System.Linq.Enumerable Class

Provides a set of static (Shared in Visual Basic) methods for querying objects that implement IEnumerable`1.

See Also: Enumerable Members


public static class Enumerable


The methods in this class provide an implementation of the standard query operators for querying data sources that implement IEnumerable`1. The standard query operators are general purpose methods that follow the vbteclinq pattern and enable you to express traversal, filter, and projection operations over data in any .NET-based programming language.

The majority of the methods in this class are defined as extension methods that extend IEnumerable`1. This means they can be called like an instance method on any object that implements IEnumerable`1.

Methods that are used in a query that returns a sequence of values do not consume the target data until the query object is enumerated. This is known as deferred execution. Methods that are used in a query that returns a singleton value execute and consume the target data immediately.


Namespace: System.Linq
Assembly: System.Core (in System.Core.dll)
Assembly Versions:,