Xamarin.UITest.Utils.Integration.TestRunContext Members

The members of Xamarin.UITest.Utils.Integration.TestRunContext are listed below.

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Public Constructors

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Public Properties

AndroidKeyAliasstring. Key store alias. Only for Android.
AndroidKeyPasswordstring. The key password. Only for Android.
AndroidKeystoreLocationstring. Location of the Android keystore. If not set, UITest will use the default global keystore. Only for Android.
AndroidKeystorePasswordstring. Key store password. Only for Android.
AppIdstring. The app package name (Android), or the bundle id (iOS)
DeviceIdstring. The serial of the device to use for testing
ErrorMessagestring. Message that explains why the test suite can't be executed (when CanExecute == False)
PackageFilestring. Package to be installed. It overrides the ApkFile or AppBundle option. To be used only if TestAppDeployed==false.
Successbool. When set to False it means that the application preparation failed for some reason. The reason is provided in the ErrorMessage property.
TestAppDeployedbool. When set to True it means that the test application is already deployed and UITest doesn't have to do it ErrorMessage property.

Public Methods

CreateError(string) : TestRunContext
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