UIKit.UIViewKeyframeAnimationOptions Enumeration
An enumeration whose values specify valid options for the UIView.AnimateKeyframes method.


[ObjCRuntime.iOS(7, 0)]
public enum UIViewKeyframeAnimationOptions


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Member NameDescription
AllowUserInteractionWhether the user can interact with the views while they are being animated.
AutoreverseWhether to run the animation in both directions. Must be combined with the Repeat option.
BeginFromCurrentStateWhether to start an animation from the current setting of the in-flight animation. If not set, in-flight animations are allowed to finish before the new animation is started.
CalculationModeCubicUse a Catmull-Rom spline to interpolate between keyframe values. The Catmull-Rom parameter is not available for manipulation.
CalculationModeCubicPacedUse a cubic scheme to compute intermediate frames, ignoring timing properties. Timing parameters are implicitly calculated to give the animation a constant velocity.
CalculationModeDiscreteDoes not interpolate keyframe values; jumps directly to each keyframe value.
CalculationModeLinearUse a simple linear calculation for interpolating between keyframe values.
CalculationModePacedUse a simple even-pacing algorithm to interpolate between keyframe values.
LayoutSubviewsThe option to layout subviews at commit time so they animate with their parent.
OverrideInheritedDurationWhether to force an animation to use the original duration value specified when the animation was submitted. If not set, the animation inherits the remaining duration of the in-flight animation.
OverrideInheritedOptionsWhether to not inherit the animation type or any options.
RepeatWhether to repeat the animation indefinitely.


Namespace: UIKit
Assembly: Xamarin.iOS (in Xamarin.iOS.dll)
Assembly Versions: