UIKit.UIFontDescriptorSymbolicTraits Enumeration
Describes some stylistic properties of a typeface (lower 16 bits), and font appearance (top 16 bits), used with UIFontDescriptor.


public enum UIFontDescriptorSymbolicTraits



Member NameDescription
BoldStyle is bold
ClassClarendonSerifsFont appearance: Clarendon style of slab serifs (examples include fonts like Clarendon and Egyptienne).
ClassFreeformSerifsFont appearance: Includes some serifs
ClassMaskBitmask that can be used to isolate the font appearance from the typeface information.
ClassModernSerifsFont appearance: Modern serifs.
ClassOldStyleSerifsFont appearance: Old style serifs.
ClassOrnamentalsFont appearance: Ornamental
ClassSansSerifFont appearance: Sans serifs.
ClassScriptsFont appearance: Scripts.
ClassSlabSerifsFont appearance: Slab serifs.
ClassSymbolicFont appearance: symbolic.
ClassTransitionalSerifsFont appearance: transitional serifs.
ClassUnknownUnknown font appearance.
CondensedTypeface: Condensed (can not be used with expanded).
ExpandedTypeface: Expanded (can not be used with Condensed).
ItalicTypeface: italic.
LooseLeadingTypeface: uses looser leading values (spacing between text lines).
MonoSpaceTypeface: is monospace.
TightLeadingTypeface: tight leading values (spacing between text lines).
UIOptimizedTypeface: is optimized for rendering UI controls.
VerticalTypeface: contains vertical glyphs and metrics.


Namespace: UIKit
Assembly: Xamarin.iOS (in Xamarin.iOS.dll)
Assembly Versions: