UIKit.UIControlEvent Enumeration
An enumeration indicating various types of events.


public enum UIControlEvent


The list of events for UIControl objects.


Member NameDescription
AllEditingEventsAll editing events for the UITextField.
AllEventsAll events
AllTouchEventsAll touch events.
ApplicationReservedThis mask describes the range of bytes available for application events. Any values within [0x01000000,0x0f000000] can be used as application specific events.
EditingChangedUITextField event: the contents changed.
EditingDidBeginUITextField event: editing started.
EditingDidEndUITextField event: editing finished.
EditingDidEndOnExitUITextField event: editing ended.
SystemReservedMask of events reserved for system use.
TouchCancelThe system is cancelling the touch event.
TouchDownTouch down event.
TouchDownRepeatRepeated touch-down event. The UITouch.TapCount property will be greater than one.
TouchDragEnterA dragging finger has entered the control.
TouchDragExitA dragging finger has left the bounds of the control.
TouchDragInsideA finger is being dragged within the control.
TouchDragOutsideA finger is being dragged outside of the bounds of the control, but close to it.
TouchUpInsideTouch-up event within the control.
TouchUpOutsideTouch-up event outside the control.
ValueChangedThe value changed, emitted by various controls.


Namespace: UIKit
Assembly: Xamarin.iOS (in Xamarin.iOS.dll)
Assembly Versions: