UIKit.UIActivityItemProvider Class
Abstract class that, when subtyped, can be a proxy for the data of a UIKit.UIActivity.

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[Foundation.Register("UIActivityItemProvider", true)]
public class UIActivityItemProvider : Foundation.NSOperation

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This class can be used to provide lightweight proxy data to a UIKit.UIActivityViewController. Difference services represented by UIKit.UIActivity classes might require additional processing of the data being sent (for example, one service might take text wrapped in HTML tags while another might require straight text, a service might require images to be converted to a certain format or size, etc.). Rather than perform all that potentially expensive processing for every possible service, a UIKit.UIActivityItemProvider can be used. Once a the particular service is chosen, the UIActivityItemProvider.Item property is accessed and the needed processing can be performed by the application.

If processing is minimal, application developers may choose to implement UIKit.UIActivityItemSource rather than subclass UIKit.UIActivityItemProvider.

The members of this class can be used from a background thread.

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Namespace: UIKit
Assembly: Xamarin.iOS (in Xamarin.iOS.dll)
Assembly Versions: