System.Web.UI.Design.WebFormsRootDesigner Class

Provides a base class for the design-time functionality of a Web Forms page and allows access to and manipulation of components and controls that are contained within the Web Forms page at design time.

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public abstract class WebFormsRootDesigner : System.ComponentModel.Design.IDesignerFilter, System.ComponentModel.Design.IRootDesigner


A design host, such as vsprvslong, must provide its own derived version of the System.Web.UI.Design.WebFormsRootDesigner class to control designers through the ControlDesigner.RootDesigner property of the designer. Control designers use the ControlDesigner.RootDesigner property to access and manipulate the containing Web Forms page at design time.


Namespace: System.Web.UI.Design
Assembly: System.Design (in System.Design.dll)
Assembly Versions: