System.Web.UI.Design.ResourceExpressionEditorSheet Class

Represents a design-time editor sheet for the properties of a resource expression in the UI of a designer host at design time.

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public class ResourceExpressionEditorSheet : ExpressionEditorSheet


The visual designer uses the System.Web.UI.Design.ResourceExpressionEditor class with the System.Web.UI.Design.ResourceExpressionEditorSheet class to select the individual properties of a resource reference expression, and to combine the selected resource expression property values into a resource expression.

The ConnectionStringsExpressionEditor.GetExpressionEditorSheet(string, IServiceProvider) method returns a System.Web.UI.Design.ResourceExpressionEditorSheet object. In the expressions dialog box, when you select a control property and bind it to a resource expression, the visual designer calls the ResourceExpressionEditor.GetExpressionEditorSheet(string, IServiceProvider) method. The visual designer uses the returned System.Web.UI.Design.ResourceExpressionEditorSheet object to prompt for the ResourceExpressionEditorSheet.ClassKey and ResourceExpressionEditorSheet.ResourceKey properties. Once the resource expression properties are selected, the visual designer calls the ResourceExpressionEditorSheet.GetExpression method to combine the properties into a resource expression string.

The ResourceExpressionEditorSheet.ResourceKey property must be specified in a resource expression; it indexes the resource value. The ResourceExpressionEditorSheet.ClassKey property is optional. It references the class key or file name that defines the resource in the global resources folder.


Namespace: System.Web.UI.Design
Assembly: System.Design (in System.Design.dll)
Assembly Versions: