System.Web.Profile.ProfileGroupBase Class

Provides untyped access to grouped ASP.NET profile property values.

See Also: ProfileGroupBase Members


public class ProfileGroupBase


The System.Web.Profile.ProfileGroupBase class is used by ASP.NET to create grouped properties in the System.Web.HttpContext.Profile property for the current System.Web.HttpContext. When properties are specified as a group of properties using the group Element for properties for profile (ASP.NET Settings Schema), ASP.NET creates a new class with strongly typed accessors for each property in the group. The new class inherits the System.Web.Profile.ProfileGroupBase base class. The strongly typed accessors of the new class call the ProfileGroupBase.GetPropertyValue(string) and ProfileGroupBase.SetPropertyValue(string, object) methods of the System.Web.Profile.ProfileGroupBase base class to retrieve and set profile property values, respectively.

The System.Web.Profile.ProfileGroupBase passes calls to get and set property values to the class that inherits the System.Web.Profile.ProfileBase class that is supplied to the ProfileGroupBase.Init(ProfileBase, string) method of the System.Web.Profile.ProfileGroupBase class. See the System.Web.Profile.ProfileBase class for more information on behaviors, exceptions, and so on.

This class is not intended to be created from your code.


Namespace: System.Web.Profile
Assembly: System.Web (in System.Web.dll)
Assembly Versions:
Since: .NET 2.0