System.Web.Compilation.DesignTimeResourceProviderFactoryAttribute Class

Specifies the type of resource provider factory for design time. This class cannot be inherited.

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public sealed class DesignTimeResourceProviderFactoryAttribute : Attribute


The System.Web.Compilation.DesignTimeResourceProviderFactoryAttribute class allows a System.Web.Compilation.ResourceProviderFactory object to specify the type of the associated System.Web.UI.Design.DesignTimeResourceProviderFactory object. The System.Web.UI.Design.DesignTimeResourceProviderFactory class is used to create design-time providers for reading and writing resources. Within vsprvsext, a developer can use the Generate Local Resource command on the Tools menu to create resources during design time.


Namespace: System.Web.Compilation
Assembly: System.Web (in System.Web.dll)
Assembly Versions:
Since: .NET 2.0