System.Security.Cryptography.Xml.DataReference Class

Represents the <DataReference> element used in XML encryption. This class cannot be inherited.

See Also: DataReference Members


public sealed class DataReference : EncryptedReference


The System.Security.Cryptography.Xml.DataReference class represents the <DataReference> element that contains the location of encrypted data used with XML encryption.

<DataReference> elements are used to refer to <EncryptedData> elements that were encrypted using the key defined in the enclosing <EncryptedKey> element. Multiple <DataReference> elements can occur if multiple <EncryptedData> elements exist that are encrypted using the same key.

For more information about XML encryption standards, see


Namespace: System.Security.Cryptography.Xml
Assembly: System.Security (in System.Security.dll)
Assembly Versions:,
Since: .NET 2.0