System.Runtime.Serialization.SurrogateSelector Members

The members of System.Runtime.Serialization.SurrogateSelector are listed below.

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Public Constructors

Initializes a new instance of the System.Runtime.Serialization.SurrogateSelector class.

Public Methods

AddSurrogate(Type, StreamingContext, ISerializationSurrogate)

Adds a surrogate to the list of checked surrogates.


Adds the specified System.Runtime.Serialization.ISurrogateSelector that can handle a particular object type to the list of surrogates.

GetNextSelector() : ISurrogateSelector

Returns the next selector on the chain of selectors.

GetSurrogate(Type, StreamingContext, out ISurrogateSelector) : ISerializationSurrogate
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RemoveSurrogate(Type, StreamingContext)

Removes the surrogate associated with a given type.