System.Net.AuthenticationManager Class

Manages the authentication modules called during the client authentication process.

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public class AuthenticationManager


System.Net.AuthenticationManager is a static class that manages the authentication modules that an application uses. When a request is made to protected resources, the System.Net.AuthenticationManager calls the AuthenticationManager.Authenticate(string, WebRequest, ICredentials) method to get an System.Net.Authorization instance to use in subsequent requests.

The System.Net.AuthenticationManager queries each registered authentication module by calling the IAuthenticationModule.Authenticate(string, WebRequest, ICredentials) method for each module. The first authentication module to return an System.Net.Authorization instance is used to authenticate the request.

Modules that provide the basic, digest, negotiate, NTLM, and Kerberos authentication types are registered with the System.Net.AuthenticationManager by default. Additional authentication modules that implement the System.Net.IAuthenticationModule interface can be added using the AuthenticationManager.Register(IAuthenticationModule) method. Authentication modules are called in the order in which they were added to the list.


The Kerberos and negotiate authentication type is not supported on Windows 95/98 or Windows NT 4.0.

Thread Safety

All public static members of this type are safe for multithreaded operations. No instance members are guaranteed to be thread safe.


Namespace: System.Net
Assembly: System (in System.dll)
Assembly Versions: 1.0.x.x, 1.0.5000.0,,