System.IO.Pipes.NamedPipeServerStream Class

Exposes a System.IO.Stream around a named pipe, supporting both synchronous and asynchronous read and write operations.

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[System.MonoTODO("working only on win32 right now")]
public sealed class NamedPipeServerStream : PipeStream


Named pipes provide one-way or duplex pipes for communication between a pipe server and one or more pipe clients. Named pipes can be used for interprocess communication locally or over a network. A single pipe name can be shared by multiple System.IO.Pipes.NamedPipeClientStream objects.

Any process can act as either a named pipe server or client, or both.


For winxppro and win2kserver, a maximum of 10 pipes can simultaneously connect over the network.


Namespace: System.IO.Pipes
Assembly: System.Core (in System.Core.dll)
Assembly Versions: