System.Diagnostics.SourceFilter Class

Indicates whether a listener should trace a message based on the source of a trace.

See Also: SourceFilter Members


public class SourceFilter : TraceFilter


One of several different types of filters can be assigned to a trace listener to provide a layer of screening beyond that provided by the trace switch. The filter can be used to control the level of tracing that is produced by the listener.

This class filters events based on a specific trace source set by the user.

System.Diagnostics.SourceFilter overrides the TraceFilter.ShouldTrace(TraceEventCache, string, TraceEventType, int, string, Object[], object, Object[]) method and defines a SourceFilter.Source property that specifies the name of the trace source to be traced by the listener.


This filter is provided because multiple trace sources can simultaneously use the same trace listener.


Namespace: System.Diagnostics
Assembly: System (in System.dll)
Assembly Versions:,