System.Diagnostics.EventLogEntryCollection Class

Defines size and enumerators for a collection of System.Diagnostics.EventLogEntry instances.

See Also: EventLogEntryCollection Members


public class EventLogEntryCollection : ICollection


Use the System.Diagnostics.EventLogEntryCollection class when reading the entries associated with an System.Diagnostics.EventLog instance. The EventLog.Entries property of the System.Diagnostics.EventLog class is a collection of all the entries in the event log.

Because new entries are appended to the existing list, stepping through the collection enables you to access the entries that were created after you originally created the System.Diagnostics.EventLogEntryCollection. However, after you view the entire list, it is not updated with new entries.


Namespace: System.Diagnostics
Assembly: System (in System.dll)
Assembly Versions: 1.0.3300.0, 1.0.5000.0,,