System.ComponentModel.Design.LocalizationExtenderProvider Class

Provides design-time support for localization features to a root designer.

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[System.ComponentModel.ProvideProperty("LoadLanguage", typeof(System.Object))]
[System.ComponentModel.ProvideProperty("Language", typeof(System.Object))]
[System.ComponentModel.ProvideProperty("Localizable", typeof(System.Object))]
[System.Obsolete("use CodeDomLocalizationProvider")]
public class LocalizationExtenderProvider : System.ComponentModel.IExtenderProvider, IDisposable


System.ComponentModel.Design.LocalizationExtenderProvider can extend an System.ComponentModel.Design.IRootDesigner with a set of properties and methods that provide support for the .NET Framework localization architecture. For more about using resources, see Localization.

The localization support architecture enables designers to initialize component properties using resource files that can be swapped at run time to support a variety of languages, culture-specific styles and dynamically configurable features. You can use the methods of this class to enable designers and code generating serializers to load from resources and build initialization code that uses localization features.

The default serializers that ship with Visual Studio are already capable of localizing components and controls, but they only do so if they locate support for the .NET Framework localization architecture. To detect the presence of localization support, the serialization system must locate a public bool property named "Localizable" on the root designer component. If a serializer finds this property, it searches for a property of type System.Globalization.CultureInfo named "Language" to determine the current resource configuration. Default serializers use these properties to determine if it should localize any localizable resources of the component, and if so, what System.Globalization.CultureInfo format the resource information should be saved in.


Namespace: System.ComponentModel.Design
Assembly: System.Design (in System.Design.dll)
Assembly Versions: 1.0.5000.0,