System.ComponentModel.Design.ByteViewer Class

Displays byte arrays in hexadecimal, ANSI, and Unicode formats.

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public class ByteViewer : System.Windows.Forms.TableLayoutPanel


System.ComponentModel.Design.ByteViewer provides an interface for viewing hexadecimal, ANSI, and Unicode formatted data.

The System.ComponentModel.Design.DisplayMode enumeration specifies the identifiers that are used to indicate the display mode to use. The DisplayMode.Auto display mode selects a default display mode based on the contents of the byte array. System.ComponentModel.Design.ByteViewer uses a simple algorithm to determine what kind of data is stored in the buffer. The hexadecimal DisplayMode.Hexdump view displays the hexadecimal values and corresponding byte representations (chars) in a read-only edit box. The default number of columns is 16. The DisplayMode.Ansi and DisplayMode.Unicode views show the byte array in a read-only edit box. In these views, NUL characters are replaced with Unicode block characters.


Namespace: System.ComponentModel.Design
Assembly: System.Design (in System.Design.dll)
Assembly Versions: 1.0.5000.0,