System.CodeDom.CodePropertyReferenceExpression Class

Represents a reference to the value of a property.

See Also: CodePropertyReferenceExpression Members


public class CodePropertyReferenceExpression : CodeExpression


System.CodeDom.CodePropertyReferenceExpression can be used to represent a reference to the value of a property.

The CodePropertyReferenceExpression.TargetObject property specifies the object that contains the property to reference. The CodePropertyReferenceExpression.PropertyName property specifies the name of the property to reference.

This object does not have a property to indicate whether the reference is used in a get or set. If the property reference occurs on the left, assigned to, side of an assignment statement, then it is a set.


Namespace: System.CodeDom
Assembly: System (in System.dll)
Assembly Versions: 1.0.3300.0, 1.0.5000.0,,