OpenTK.Graphics.ES20.GL Class
Provides access to OpenGL ES 2.0 methods.

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public sealed class GL : OpenTK.Graphics.GraphicsBindingsBase

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This class contains all OpenGL enums and functions defined in the 3.1 specification. The official .spec files can be found at:

A valid OpenGL context must be created before calling any OpenGL function.

Use the ES.Load and ES.LoadAll methods to prepare function entry points prior to use. To maintain cross-platform compatibility, this must be done for both core and extension functions. The GameWindow and the GLControl class will take care of this automatically.

You can use the ES.SupportsExtension method to check whether any given category of extension functions exists in the current OpenGL context. Keep in mind that different OpenGL contexts may support different extensions, and under different entry points. Always check if all required extensions are still supported when changing visuals or pixel formats.

You may retrieve the entry point for an OpenGL function using the ES.GetDelegate method.



Namespace: OpenTK.Graphics.ES20
Assembly: OpenTK-1.0 (in OpenTK-1.0.dll)
Assembly Versions: