NUnit.Framework.Builders.NUnitTestCaseBuilder Class
Class to build ether a parameterized or a normal NUnitTestMethod. There are four cases that the builder must deal with: 1. The method needs no params and none are provided 2. The method needs params and they are provided 3. The method needs no params but they are provided in error 4. The method needs params but they are not provided This could have been done using two different builders, but it turned out to be simpler to have just one. The BuildFrom method takes a different branch depending on whether any parameters are provided, but all four cases are dealt with in lower-level methods

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public class NUnitTestCaseBuilder : NUnit.Framework.Extensibility.ITestCaseBuilder2


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Namespace: NUnit.Framework.Builders
Assembly: NUnitLite (in NUnitLite.dll)
Assembly Versions: