MonoTouch.WebKit.WKUIDelegate_Extensions: Method Members

The methods of MonoTouch.WebKit.WKUIDelegate_Extensions are listed below. For a list of all members, see the WKUIDelegate_Extensions Members list.

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Public Methods

CreateWebView(this IWKUIDelegate, WKWebView, WKWebViewConfiguration, WKNavigationAction, WKWindowFeatures) : WKWebView
Creates and configures a new MonoTouch.WebKit.WKWebView.
RunJavaScriptAlertPanel(this IWKUIDelegate, WKWebView, string, WKFrameInfo, Action)
Shows a JavaScript alert to the user.
RunJavaScriptConfirmPanel(this IWKUIDelegate, WKWebView, string, WKFrameInfo, Action<bool>)
Shows a JavaScript confirmation dialog to the user.
RunJavaScriptTextInputPanel(this IWKUIDelegate, WKWebView, string, string, WKFrameInfo, Action<string>)
Shows a JavaScript text input box to the user.