Mono.Xml.SecurityParser Members

The members of Mono.Xml.SecurityParser are listed below.

See Also: Inherited members from Mono.Xml.MiniParser

Public Constructors

A basic constructor.

Public Methods

Loads an XML string into the parser and parses it.
This method is invoked on the characters inside a given tag; SecurityParser saves them to the Text member of the current SecurityElement.
An overridden method from MiniParser, called at the end of an XML element. It pops a SecurityElement off the internal parser stack, since the parser is no longer inside the corresponding XML element.
An overridden method from MiniParser; currently not used by SecurityParser.
OnStartElement(string, MiniParser.IAttrList)
Overridden method from MiniParser. When the parser sees the beginning of a new element, it creates a SecurityElement to correspond to the XML element.
A handler method, meant to be overridden, called at the start of the parse phase. Currently not used by SecurityParser.
Read() : int
Returns the next character from the internal xmldoc data member.
ToXml() : System.Security.SecurityElement
Parses an XML string into a SecurityElement. For an example of how it's used, see the source to Mono.Security.Cryptography.KeyPairPersistence.