Mono.Options.Option Class
Represents information about an option.

See Also: Option Members


public abstract class Option


Instances of Mono.Options.Option are created via the various OptionSet.Add overloads, such as:

You can also add custom Mono.Options.Option subclasses to an Mono.Options.OptionSet via the OptionSet.Add(Option) method.

Note to Inheritors
Inheritors of this type must override the abstract method Option.OnParseComplete(OptionContext), which is (indirectly) invoked from within OptionSet.Parse(string, OptionContext) when an option matching one of the prototype aliases is encountered.

Thread Safety

All members of this type are safe for multithreaded operations. Subclasses must be thread-safe if multithreaded invocation of OptionSet.Parse(IEnumerable<string>) is required.


Namespace: Mono.Options
Assembly: Mono.Options (in Mono.Options.dll)
Assembly Versions:,,,