Mono.Options.ArgumentSource Class
Support for inserting additional arguments during OptionSet.Parse(IEnumerable<string>) processing.

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public abstract class ArgumentSource

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The Mono.Options.ArgumentSource type is an abstraction to allow "insertion" of additional values for option processing while processing arguments.

The principal use case is for response files, as used by CSC.EXE, CL.EXE, and numerous other compilers. A response file contains additional options for the tool, and the contents of the response file should be "inserted" as if entered on the command line. Response files are useful for bypassing command-line length limitations, among other things.

Applications must opt-in to response file support by calling OptionSet.Add(ArgumentSource) before calling OptionSet.Parse(IEnumerable<string>).

Note to Inheritors
Inheriting classes must override the following abstract methods:


Namespace: Mono.Options
Assembly: Mono.Options (in Mono.Options.dll)
Assembly Versions:,