Microsoft.Build.Utilities.TaskItem Class

Defines a single item of the project as it is passed into a task.

See Also: TaskItem Members


public sealed class TaskItem : MarshalByRefObject, Microsoft.Build.Framework.ITaskItem


Microsoft.Build.Utilities.TaskItem objects do not exactly correspond to item elements in project files. If they did, then tasks would have access to data that was not explicitly passed into the task through the project file. This is not a security issue, but rather an issue with project file clarity and transparency.

This class has to be sealed since the build engine instantiates its own copy of this type. If a third party were to extend this class, then the build engine will yield an undesired behavior.


Namespace: Microsoft.Build.Utilities
Assembly: Microsoft.Build.Utilities (in Microsoft.Build.Utilities.dll)
Assembly Versions:
Since: 2.0