Microsoft.Build.Utilities.Logger Members

The members of Microsoft.Build.Utilities.Logger are listed below.

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Protected Constructors

Initializes a new instance of the Microsoft.Build.Utilities.Logger class.

Public Properties


Gets or sets the user-defined parameters of the logger.


Gets or sets the level of detail to show in the event log.

Public Methods

FormatErrorEvent(Microsoft.Build.Framework.BuildErrorEventArgs) : string

Generates an error message that is in the default format, from a Microsoft.Build.Framework.BuildErrorEventArgs object.

FormatWarningEvent(Microsoft.Build.Framework.BuildWarningEventArgs) : string

Generates a warning message that is in the default format, from a Microsoft.Build.Framework.BuildWarningEventArgs object.


When overridden in a derived class, subscribes the logger to specific events.

IsVerbosityAtLeast(Microsoft.Build.Framework.LoggerVerbosity) : bool

Determines whether the current Logger.Verbosity setting is at least the value that is passed in.


When overridden in a derived class, releases the resources allocated to the logger at the time of initialization or during the build.