Gtk.Tooltips Class
Add Tooltips to your widgets.

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public class Tooltips : Object


Tooltips are the messages that appear next to a widget when the mouse pointer is held over it for a short amount of time. They are especially helpful for adding more verbose descriptions of things such as Gtk.Button in a toolbar.

An individual tooltip belongs to a group of tooltips. A group is created by calling the constructor Tooltips(). Every tooltip in the group can then be turned off with Tooltips.Disable() and on with Tooltips.Enable().

To assign a tip to a particular Gtk.Widget, Tooltips.SetTip(Widget, string, string) is used.

Note: Tooltips can only be set on widgets which have their own X window. To add a tooltip to a Gtk.Widget that does not have its own Gtk.Window, place the widget inside a Gtk.EventBox and add a tooltip to that instead.

The default appearance of all tooltips in a program is determined by the current Gtk theme that the user has selected.

C# Example

using Gtk;
class ToolTipsExample
        static void Main()
                Window win = new Window("Tooltips");
                Button load_button, save_button;
                HBox hbox;
                Tooltips button_bar_tips;
                button_bar_tips = new Tooltips ();
                // Create the buttons and pack them into a Gtk.HBox
                hbox = new HBox (true, 2);
                load_button = new Button ("Load a file");
                save_button = new Button ("Save a file");
                // Add the tips
                button_bar_tips.SetTip (load_button,
                        "Load a new document into this window",
                        "longer explanation");
		button_bar_tips.SetTip (save_button,
                        "Saves the current document to a file",
                        "longer explanation");


Namespace: Gtk
Assembly: gtk-sharp (in gtk-sharp.dll)
Assembly Versions: