Gtk.TextBuffer Members

The members of Gtk.TextBuffer are listed below.

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Public Constructors

Creates a new text buffer.
Internal constructor

Protected Constructors

Protected Constructor.

Public Properties

CharCountint. The number of characters in the buffer
CopyTargetListTargetList. Obtains the copy TargetList.
CursorPositionint. Position of the insert mark.
DeserializeFormatsGdk.Atom[]. The supported MIME type formats for deserialization.
EndIterTextIter. The end of the buffer
GTypeGLib.GType. GType Property.
HasSelectionbool. Indicates presence of a selection.
InsertMarkTextMark. Returns the mark that represents the cursor (insertion point).
LineCountint. Obtains the number of lines in the buffer.
Modifiedbool. Whether or not the buffer has been modified
PasteTargetListTargetList. Obtains the paste TargetList.
SelectionBoundTextMark. Returns the mark that represents the selection bound.
SerializeFormatsGdk.Atom[]. The supported MIME type formats for Serialization.
StartIterTextIter. The location of the beginning of the buffer
TagTableTextTagTable. The tag table of the current buffer
Textstring. The complete contents of the buffer

Public Methods

AddMark(TextMark, TextIter)
Documentation for this section has not yet been entered.
Adds clipboard to the list of clipboards in which the selection contents of buffer are available.
ApplyTag(TextTag, TextIter, TextIter)
Fires the TextBuffer.ApplyTag events on buffer.
ApplyTag(string, TextIter, TextIter)
Fires the TextBuffer.TagApplied event on buffer. The default handler for the signal applies tag to the given range.
Backspace(ref TextIter, bool, bool) : bool
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Called to indicate that the buffer operations between here and a call to TextBuffer.EndUserAction() are part of a single user-visible operation.
Clears the contents of the buffer
Copies the buffer's selected text to the given Gtk.Clipboard.
CreateChildAnchor(ref TextIter) : TextChildAnchor
This is a convenience function which simply creates a child anchor with TextChildAnchor and inserts it into the buffer with TextBuffer.InsertChildAnchor(TextIter, TextChildAnchor).
CreateMark(string, TextIter, bool) : TextMark
Creates a mark at position where.
CutClipboard(Clipboard, bool)
Copies the currently-selected text to a clipboard, then deletes said text if it is editable.
Delete(ref TextIter, ref TextIter)
Deletes text between start and end.
Delete(TextIter, TextIter)
Delete text between two iterators.
DeleteInteractive(ref TextIter, ref TextIter, bool) : bool
Deletes all editable text in the given range.
Deletes mark, so that it is no longer located anywhere in the buffer.
Deletes the mark named name; the mark must exist.
DeleteSelection(bool, bool) : bool
Deletes the currently-selected text
Deserialize(TextBuffer, Gdk.Atom, ref TextIter, byte[], ulong) : bool
Deserialize content.
DeserializeGetCanCreateTags(Gdk.Atom) : bool
Determines if tag creation is supported for a MIME type deserializer.
DeserializeSetCanCreateTags(Gdk.Atom, bool)
Enables or disables arbitrary tag creation.
Should be paired with a call to TextBuffer.BeginUserAction().
GetBounds(out TextIter, out TextIter)
Retrieves the first and last iterators in the buffer, i.e. the entire buffer.
GetIterAtChildAnchor(TextChildAnchor) : TextIter
Gets the location of the specific anchor.
GetIterAtLine(int) : TextIter
Gets the location of a particular line.
GetIterAtLineIndex(int, int) : TextIter
Obtains an iterator pointing to byte_index within the given line.
GetIterAtLineOffset(int, int) : TextIter
Gets the location of a specific point.
GetIterAtMark(TextMark) : TextIter
Gets the location of the specified mark.
GetIterAtOffset(int) : TextIter
Returns the location at a particular character offset
GetMark(string) : TextMark
Returns the mark named name in buffer buffer, or null if no such mark exists in the buffer.
GetSelectionBounds(out TextIter, out TextIter) : bool
Returns true if some text is selected
GetSlice(TextIter, TextIter, bool) : string
Returns the text from start to ,end.
GetText(TextIter, TextIter, bool) : string
Returns the text from a specified range
Insert(ref TextIter, string)
Insert text at a specific point
Insert(TextIter, string)
Inserts text.
Insert text into the current cursor position
InsertChildAnchor(ref TextIter, TextChildAnchor)
Inserts a child widget anchor into the text buffer.
InsertInteractive(ref TextIter, string, bool) : bool
Insert text if the cursor is at an editable point in the buffer
InsertInteractiveAtCursor(string, bool) : bool
Insert text at cursor position if the location is editable
InsertPixbuf(ref TextIter, Gdk.Pixbuf)
Inserts an image into the text buffer at iter.
InsertRange(ref TextIter, TextIter, TextIter)
Copies text, tags, and pixbufs between start and end and inserts the copy at iter.
InsertRange(TextIter, TextIter, TextIter)
Inserts a range of text.
InsertRangeInteractive(ref TextIter, TextIter, TextIter, bool) : bool
Same as TextBuffer.InsertRange(TextIter, TextIter, TextIter), but does nothing if the insertion point is not editable.
InsertWithTags(ref TextIter, string, params TextTag[])
Inserts text into buffer at iter, applying the list of tags to the newly-inserted text.
InsertWithTags(TextIter, string, params TextTag[])
Inserts text with tag information.
InsertWithTagsByName(ref TextIter, string, params string[])
Inserts text into buffer at iter, applying the list of tags with names tagnamess to the newly-inserted text.
MoveMark(TextMark, TextIter)
Moves mark to the new location where.
MoveMark(string, TextIter)
Moves the mark named name (which must exist) to location where.
Pastes the contents of a clipboard at the insertion point.
PasteClipboard(Clipboard, ref TextIter, bool)
Pastes the contents of a clipboard at the insertion point, or at override_location.
Moves the "insert" and "selection_bound" marks simultaneously.
RegisterDeserializeFormat(string, TextBufferDeserializeFunc) : Gdk.Atom
Registers a deserialization handler for a given MIME type.
RegisterDeserializeTagset(string) : Gdk.Atom
Registers TextBuffer's internal serialization format.
RegisterSerializeFormat(string, TextBufferSerializeFunc) : Gdk.Atom
Registers a serialization formatter for a given MIME type.
RegisterSerializeTagset(string) : Gdk.Atom
Registers TextBuffer's internal serialization format.
RemoveAllTags(TextIter, TextIter)
Removes all tags in the range between start and end.
Removes a Gtk.Clipboard added with TextBuffer.AddSelectionClipboard().
RemoveTag(TextTag, TextIter, TextIter)
Fires the TextBuffer.RemoveTag events and removes all occurrences of tag from the given range
RemoveTag(string, TextIter, TextIter)
Calls TextTagTable.Lookup(string) on the buffer's tag table to get a Gtk.TextTag, then calls TextBuffer.RemoveTag(TextTag, TextIter, TextIter)
SelectRange(TextIter, TextIter)
This function moves the insert and selection_bound marks simultaneously.
Serialize(TextBuffer, Gdk.Atom, TextIter, TextIter) : byte[]
Serializes a range of text.
Set the contents of the buffer
Removes a registered MIME type handler from the buffer.
Removes a Serialization format from the registry.

Protected Methods

Default handler for the TextBuffer.Changed event.
OnChildAnchorInserted(TextIter, TextChildAnchor)
Default handler for the TextBuffer.ChildAnchorInserted event.
OnDeleteRange(TextIter, TextIter)
Default handler for the TextBuffer.DeleteRange event.
OnInsertText(TextIter, string)
Default handler for the TextBuffer.InsertText event.
Default handler for the TextBuffer.MarkDeleted event.
OnMarkSet(TextIter, TextMark)
Default handler for the TextBuffer.MarkSet event.
Default handler for the TextBuffer.ModifiedChanged event.
OnPixbufInserted(TextIter, Gdk.Pixbuf)
Default handler for the TextBuffer.PixbufInserted event.
OnTagApplied(TextTag, TextIter, TextIter)
Default handler for the TextBuffer.TagApplied event.
OnTagRemoved(TextTag, TextIter, TextIter)
Default handler for the TextBuffer.TagRemoved event.
Default handler for the TextBuffer.UserActionBegun event.
Default handler for the TextBuffer.UserActionEnded event.

Public Events

ChangedEmitted when the text in the buffer has been changed.
ChildAnchorInsertedEmitted when a ChildAnchor has been inserted in the buffer.
DeleteRangeEmitted when a range of text has been deleted from the buffer.
InsertTextEmitted when text is inserted into the buffer.
MarkDeletedEmitted when a mark has been deleted from the buffer.
MarkSetEmitted when a mark is set in the buffer.
ModifiedChangedEmitted when the Modified status of the buffer is changed.
PixbufInsertedEmitted when a Pixbuf is inserted into the buffer.
TagAppliedEmitted when a tag is applied to the buffer.
TagRemovedEmitted when a tag is removed from the buffer.
UserActionBegunEmitted when a UserAction is begun on the buffer.
UserActionEndedEmitted when a UserAction ends on the buffer.