Gtk.TextBuffer Class
This class stores formatted text for display in a Gtk.TextView.

See Also: TextBuffer Members


public class TextBuffer : GLib.Object


The relationship between Gtk.TextBuffer and Gtk.TextView objects is not necessarily one-to-one. All views must contain a buffer, but a buffer does not have to be assigned a view, and one buffer may be used by multiple views.

In the following example, a single Gtk.TextBuffer object is shared between two Gtk.TextView widgets.

C# Example

using Gtk;

public class TextBufferExample
	public static void Main ()
		// Initialize GTK.
		Application.Init ();
		// Create a containing window.
		Window window = new Window ("TextBuffer Example");
		window.DeleteEvent += OnDelete;
		window.SetDefaultSize (400, 300);
		// Create a buffer and vertical panes for the views.
		TextBuffer buffer = new TextBuffer (new TextTagTable ());
		VPaned paned = new VPaned ();
		// Create a text view for the buffer, make it scrollable, and
		// add it to the first pane.
		TextView view1 = new TextView (buffer);
		ScrolledWindow scrolled_window1 = new ScrolledWindow ();
		scrolled_window1.Add (view1);
		paned.Add1 (scrolled_window1);
		// Create a second text view for the buffer, make it scrollable,
		// and add it to the second pane.
		TextView view2 = new TextView (buffer);
		ScrolledWindow scrolled_window2 = new ScrolledWindow ();
		scrolled_window2.Add (view2);
		paned.Add2 (scrolled_window2);
		// Add the panes to the window and show it.
		window.Add (paned);
		window.ShowAll ();
		// Run the application.
		Application.Run ();
	// Quit when the window is closed.
	static void OnDelete (object o, DeleteEventArgs e)
		Application.Quit ();


Namespace: Gtk
Assembly: gtk-sharp (in gtk-sharp.dll)
Assembly Versions: