Gtk.StockItem Members

The members of Gtk.StockItem are listed below.

See Also: Inherited members from System.ValueType

Public Constructors

Public Fields

Keyvaluint. Keyboard accelerator.
Labelstring. User-visible label.
ModifierGdk.ModifierType. Sets the modifier, if any, for this object's accelerator.
StockIdstring. The identifying name of the Gtk.StockItem.
TranslationDomainstring. Specifies the translation domain for this item, for use in globalization.
ZeroStockItem. An empty Gtk.StockItem

Public Methods

Copy() : StockItem
Makes a copy of the current Gtk.StockItem.
Frees the memory used by this object.
New(IntPtr) : StockItem
Returns a new Gtk.StockItem using the given IntPtr.