Gtk.MenuBar Class
The MenuBar is a subclass of MenuShell which contains one to many MenuItem.

See Also: MenuBar Members


public class MenuBar : MenuShell


The result is a standard menu bar which can hold many menu items. Gtk.MenuBar allows for a shadow type to be set for aesthetic purposes.

C# Example

	using System;
	using Gtk;

	public class MenuApp {

		public static void Main (string[] args)
			new MenuApp();

		public MenuApp(){
			Window win = new Window ("Menu Sample App");
			MenuBar mb = new MenuBar ();
			Menu file_menu = new Menu ();
			MenuItem exit_item = new MenuItem("Exit");
			exit_item.Activated += new EventHandler (on_exit_item_activate);
			file_menu.Append (exit_item);
			MenuItem file_item = new MenuItem("File");
			file_item.Submenu = file_menu;
			mb.Append (file_item);		
			win.Add (mb);
			win.ShowAll ();
			Application.Run ();

		public void on_exit_item_activate(object o, EventArgs args)
			Application.Quit ();



Namespace: Gtk
Assembly: gtk-sharp (in gtk-sharp.dll)
Assembly Versions: