Gtk.InputDialog Class
Configure devices for the XInput extension.

See Also: InputDialog Members


public class InputDialog : Dialog


NOTE: this Gtk.Widget is considered too specialized/little-used for Gtk#, and will in the future be moved to some other package. If your application needs this Gtk.Widget, feel free to use it, as the Gtk.Widget does work and is useful in some applications; it's just not of general interest. However, we are not accepting new features for the Gtk.Widget, and it will eventually move out of the Gtk# distribution.

Gtk.InputDialog displays a Gtk.Dialog which allows the user to configure XInput extension devices. For each device, they can control the mode of the device (disabled, screen-relative, or window-relative), the mapping of axes to coordinates, and the mapping of the devices macro keys to key press events.

Gtk.InputDialog contains two Gtk.Buttons to which the application can connect; one for closing the Gtk.Dialog, and one for saving the changes. No actions are bound to these by default. The changes that the user makes take effect immediately.


Namespace: Gtk
Assembly: gtk-sharp (in gtk-sharp.dll)
Assembly Versions: