Gtk.HBox Class
An HBox is a specific type of Gtk.Container for packing widgets horizontally.

See Also: HBox Members


public class HBox : Box


Other ways of laying out widgets include using a vertical box, (see Gtk.VBox), a table, (see Gtk.Table), button boxes, etc.

Useful methods for manipulating boxes can be found in the superclass for HBox, Gtk.Box.


C# Example

using System;
using Gtk;

class HBoxTester {
     static void Main ()
          Application.Init ();
          Window myWindow = new Window ("HBox Widget");
          HBox myBox = new HBox (false, 4);

          //Add some buttons to the horizontal box
          AddButton (myBox);
          AddButton (myBox);
          //Add the box to a Window container
          myWindow.Add (myBox);
          myWindow.ShowAll ();
          Application.Run ();

     static void AddButton (HBox box)
          box.PackStart (new Button ("Button"), true, false, 0);


Visual Basic .NET Example

Imports System
Imports Gtk

Class HBoxTester
        Shared Sub Main ()
                Application.Init ()
                Dim myWindow As New Window ("HBox Widget")

                Dim myBox As New HBox (False, 0)

                ' Add the box to a Window container
                myWindow.Add (myBox)
                myWindow.SetDefaultSize (250, 40)

                ' Add some buttons to the box
                HBoxTester.AddButton (myBox)
                HBoxTester.AddButton (myBox)
                HBoxTester.AddButton (myBox)

                myWindow.ShowAll ()
                Application.Run ()
        End Sub

        Shared Sub AddButton (ByVal box As HBox)
                box.PackStart (New Button ("Button"), True, False, 0)
        End Sub
End Class



Namespace: Gtk
Assembly: gtk-sharp (in gtk-sharp.dll)
Assembly Versions: