Gtk.ActionGroup: Property Members

The properties of Gtk.ActionGroup are listed below. For a list of all members, see the ActionGroup Members list.

See Also: Inherited members from GLib.Object

Public Properties

GTypeGLib.GType. GType Property.
default property
Item(string)Action. Returns the Gtk.Action with the specified name.
Namestring. Gets the name of the action group.
Sensitivebool. The sensitivity of the ActionGroup
TranslateFuncTranslateFunc. Function to be used for translating the label and tooltip of GtkActionGroupEntrys added by ActionGroup.AddActions().
TranslationDomainstring. Sets the translation domain and uses dgettext() for translating the label and tooltip of Gtk.ActionEntrys added by ActionGroup.AddActions().
Visiblebool. The visibility of the ActionGroup