Gnome.UIInfoType Enumeration
These values identify the item type that a particular Gnome.UIInfo structure specifies.


public enum UIInfoType


One should be careful when using Gnome.App.Create[Custom|Interp|WithData] methods with Gnome.UIInfo arrays containing BuilderData items, since their Gnome.UIBuilderData structures completely override the ones generated or supplied by the above methods.


Member NameDescription
EndofinfoNo more items, use it at the end of an array.
ItemNormal item, or radio item if it is inside a radioitems group.
ToggleitemToggle (check box) item.
RadioitemsRadio item group.
SubtreeItem that defines a subtree/submenu.
SeparatorSeparator line (menus) or blank space (toolbars).
HelpCreate a list of help topics, used in the Help menu.
BuilderDataSpecifies the builder data for the following entries, see code for further info.
ItemConfigurableA configurable menu item.
SubtreeStock Item that defines a subtree/submenu, same as Subtree, but the texts should be looked up in the libgnome catalog.
Include Almost like Subtree, but inserts items into the current menu or whatever, instead of making a submenu.


Namespace: Gnome
Assembly: gnome-sharp (in gnome-sharp.dll)
Assembly Versions: