Gnome.UIInfoConfigurableTypes Enumeration
This enum gives an identifier for each menu shortcut that can possible be redefined.


public enum UIInfoConfigurableTypes


A user can redefine the accelerator keys for each menu item (if the application supports this). If an application is not using one of these accelerators, then no shortcut redefinition is possible unless the application specifically implements it (moral: use standard menu items).


Member NameDescription
NewThe "New" menu.
OpenThe "Open" menu.
SaveThe "Save" menu.
SaveAsThe "Save As..." menu
RevertThe "Revert" menu.
PrintThe "Print" menu.
PrintSetupThe "Print setup..." menu.
CloseThe "Close" menu.
QuitThe "Quit" menu.
CutThe "Cut" menu.
CopyThe "Copy" menu.
PasteThe "Paste" menu.
ClearThe "Clear" menu.
UndoThe "Undo" menu.
RedoThe "Redo" menu.
FindThe "Find..." menu.
FindAgainThe "FindAgain" menu.
ReplaceThe "Replace..." menu.
PropertiesThe "Properties..." menu.
PreferencesThe "Preferences..." menu.
AboutThe "About..." menu.
SelectAllThe "Select all" menu.
NewWindowThe "New window" menu.
CloseWindowThe "Close window" menu.
NewGameThe "New game" menu.
PauseGameThe "Pause game" menu.
RestartGameThe "Restart game" menu.
UndoMoveThe "Undo move" menu.
RedoMoveThe "Redo move" menu.
HintThe "Hint" menu.
ScoresThe "Scores..." menu.
EndGameThe "End game" menu.


Namespace: Gnome
Assembly: gnome-sharp (in gnome-sharp.dll)
Assembly Versions: