Glade.XML Members

The members of Glade.XML are listed below.

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Public Constructors

Internal constructor
Creates an Glade.XML object from a resource and root object.
Creates an Glade.XML object from a System.IO.Stream
Creates an Glade.XML from a file
Creates an Glade.XML object from an System.Reflection.Assembly
Creates an Glade.XML object from a buffer

Protected Constructors

Protected Constructor.

Public Properties

CustomHandlerXMLCustomWidgetHandler. Allows you to override the default behaviour when a Custom widget is found in an interface.
Filenamestring. the filename of the Glade.XML object
GTypeGLib.GType. GType Property.
default property
Item(string)Gtk.Widget. Documentation for this section has not yet been entered.
ToplevelGtk.Window. This is used while the tree is being built to set the toplevel window that is currently being built.

Public Methods

Automatically connect signals
Automatically connect signals
Binds the widgets declared in the Glade interface specification, to argument's suitable fields. These fields should be marked with the Glade.WidgetAttribute attributes. Any signal declared in the interface specification should be connected using XML.SignalConnectFull (for detailed control of signal connection) or XML.SignalAutoconnect, the mirror image of this method.
Documentation for this section has not yet been entered.
BuildWidget(WidgetInfo) : Gtk.Widget
This function is not intended for people who just use libglade.
Construct(string, string, string) : bool
This routine can be used by bindings (such as gtk--) to help construct a Glade.XML object, if it is needed.
ConstructFromBuffer(string, int, string, string) : bool
Constructs an instance from a buffer.
EnsureAccel() : Gtk.AccelGroup
This function is used to get the current Gtk.AccelGroup. If there isn't one, a new one is created and bound to the current toplevel window (if a toplevel has been set).
FromAssembly(string, string, string) : XML
Returns a new Glade.XML from a resource in the current assembly.
FromAssembly(System.Reflection.Assembly, string, string, string) : XML
Returns a new Glade.XML from a resource in an assembly.
FromStream(System.IO.Stream, string, string) : XML
Creates a new Glade.XML from a stream.
GetWidget(string) : Gtk.Widget
Retrieves a widget stored in the Glade.XML by name
GetWidgetName(Gtk.Widget) : string
Gets the name of a Glade-built widget
GetWidgetPrefix(string) : Gtk.Widget[]
Retrieves a GLib.List of widgets whose name share the same prefix.
GetWidgetTree(Gtk.Widget) : XML
Get the parent Glade.XML widget
HandleInternalChild(Gtk.Widget, ChildInfo)
This function is intended to be called by the build_children callback for container widgets.
HandleWidgetProp(Gtk.Widget, string, string)
Used to set properties on Gtk.Widgets
RelativeFile(string) : string
This function resolves a relative pathname, using the directory of the XML file as a base.
SetCommonParams(Gtk.Widget, WidgetInfo)
Sets the common parameters on a widget, and is responsible for inserting it into the Glade.XML object's internal structures.
Deprecated: Replaced by the XML.CustomHandler property.
SetPackingProperty(Gtk.Widget, Gtk.Widget, string, string)
This sets the packing property on container parent of widget child with name to value
SetValueFromString(IntPtr, string, GLib.Value) : bool
GParamSpec needs to be wrapped
Automatically connect signals
This function is similar to XML.SignalConnectFull(string, XMLConnectFunc) except that it will try to connect all signals in the interface, not just a single named handler. It can be thought of the interpeted language binding version of XML.SignalAutoconnect, except that it does not require gmodule to function correctly.
SignalConnectFull(string, XMLConnectFunc)
This function is similar to XML.SignalAutoConnect, except that it allows you to give an arbitrary function that will be used for actually connecting the signals. This is mainly useful for writers of interpreted language bindings, or applications where you need more control over the signal connection process.