Glade.WidgetAttribute Class
Marks a widget for auto-binding

See Also: WidgetAttribute Members


public class WidgetAttribute : Attribute


This attribute when attached to a field value is used by the Autoconnect functionality in Glade.XML to bind a widget created by Glade to the field.

The attribute can be applied to any widgets (widgets derive from the Gtk.Widget class) and it can be applied to static and instance fields.

By default the runtime will match the tagged field name with the name that was given to the widget on the Glade user interface designer. An optional string argument can be provided on the constructor to bind the widget to a different name.

For the binding to take place, the XML.Autoconnect() method has to be invoked on either the class or the instance.


Namespace: Glade
Assembly: glade-sharp (in glade-sharp.dll)
Assembly Versions: