Gdk.WindowTypeHint Enumeration
Hints to the window manager.


public enum WindowTypeHint


These map to the FreeDesktop WM specification (


Member NameDescription
NormalNormal toplevel window.
DialogDialog window.
MenuWindow used to implement a menu.
ToolbarWindow used to implement toolbars.
SplashscreenIndicates that the window is a splash screen displayed as an application is starting up.
UtilityIndicates a small persistent utility window, such as a palette or toolbox. It is distinct from type Toolbar because it does not correspond to a toolbar torn off from the main application. It's distinct from type Dialog because it isn't a transient dialog, the user will probably keep it open while they're working.
DockIndicates a dock or panel feature. Typically a Window Manager would keep such windows on top of all other windows.
DesktopIndicates a desktop feature. This can include a single window containing desktop icons with the same dimensions as the screen, allowing the desktop environment to have full control of the desktop, without the need for proxying root window clicks.
DndIndicates a drag and drop window type.
NotificationIndicates a notification popup window.
DropdownMenuIndicates a drop down menu window.
TooltipIndicates a tooltip popup window.
PopupMenuIndicates a popup menu window.
ComboIndicates a combo window.


Namespace: Gdk
Assembly: gdk-sharp (in gdk-sharp.dll)
Assembly Versions: