Gdk.WindowHints Enumeration
Used to indicate which fields of a Gdk.Geometry struct should be paid attention to.


public enum WindowHints


Also, the presence/absence of Pos, UserPos, and UserSize is significant, though they don't directly refer to GdkGeometry fields. UserPos will be set automatically by GtkWindow if you call Gtk.Window.Move. UserPos and UserSize should be set if the user specified a size/position using a --geometry command-line argument; Gtk.Window.ParseGeometry automatically sets these flags.


Member NameDescription
PosIndicates that the program has positioned the window.
MinSizeMin size fields are set.
MaxSizeMax size fields are set.
BaseSizeBase size fields are set.
AspectAspect ratio fields are set.
ResizeIncResize increment fields are set.
WinGravityWindow gravity field is set.
UserPosIndicates that the window's poition was explicitly set by the user.
UserSizeIndicates that the window's size was explicitly set by the user.


Namespace: Gdk
Assembly: gdk-sharp (in gdk-sharp.dll)
Assembly Versions: