Gdk.WindowAttributesType Enumeration
Used to indicate which fields in the Gdk.WindowAttr struct should be honored.


public enum WindowAttributesType


For example, if you filled in the "cursor" and "x" fields of Gdk.WindowAttr, pass Gdk.WindowAttributesType.X | Gdk.WindowAttributesType.Cursor to new Gdk.Window (). Fields in Gdk.WindowAttr not covered by a bit in this enum are required; for example, the width/height, wclass, and window_type fields are required.


Member NameDescription
TitleHonor the title field.
XHonor the x coordinate field.
YHonor the y coordinate field.
CursorHonor the cursor field.
ColormapHonor the colormap field.
VisualHonor the visual field.
WmclassHonor the wmclass_class and wmclass_name fields.
NoredirHonor the override_redirect field.
TypeHintHonor the TypeHint field.


Namespace: Gdk
Assembly: gdk-sharp (in gdk-sharp.dll)
Assembly Versions: