Gdk.VisualType Enumeration
Describe the how pixel values are converted into RGB values for display.


public enum VisualType


Visuals are a very important concept that is often overlooked. Roughly, a visual defines the memory representation that a piece of hardware uses to store the contents of an image. X supports different kinds of visuals to suit the different kinds of hardware out there.

Some of this information comes from Federico Mena's excellent "X Concepts" document from


Member NameDescription
StaticGrayStatic gray visuals are those in which you cannot change the gray intensities of the hardware.
GrayscaleGrayscale visuals are used for displays that use a single channel of color information.
StaticColorAn indexed color visual, where colors can not be changed.
PseudoColorAn indexed color visual, where colors can change.
TrueColorTrue color visuals use the exact RGB values you specified for a pixel
DirectColorDirectColor visuals use RGB encoding, with a correction palette.


Namespace: Gdk
Assembly: gdk-sharp (in gdk-sharp.dll)
Assembly Versions: