Gdk.Rgb Class

Gdk's Gdk.Rgb is a low-level module which renders RGB, grayscale, and indexed colormap images to a Gdk.Drawable. It does this as efficiently as possible, handling issues such as colormaps, visuals, dithering, temporary buffers, and so on. Most code should use the higher-level GdkPixbuf features in place of this module; for example, gdk_pixbuf_render_to_drawable() uses GdkRGB in its implementation.

GdkRGB allocates a color cube to use when rendering images. You can set the threshold for installing colormaps with the Gdk.Rgb.MinColors property. The default is 5x5x5 (125). If a colorcube of this size or larger can be allocated in the default colormap, then that's done. Otherwise, GdkRGB creates its own private colormap. Setting it to 0 means that it always tries to use the default colormap, and setting it to 216 means that it always creates a private one if it cannot allocate the 6x6x6 colormap in the default. If you always want a private colormap (to avoid consuming too many colormap entries for other apps, say), you can use gdk_rgb_set_install(TRUE). Setting the value greater than 216 exercises a bug in older versions of GdkRGB. Note, however, that setting it to 0 doesn't let you get away with ignoring the colormap and visual - a colormap is always created in grayscale and direct color modes, and the visual is changed in cases where a "better" visual than the default is available.

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public class Rgb



Namespace: Gdk
Assembly: gdk-sharp (in gdk-sharp.dll)
Assembly Versions: