Gdk.GCValuesMask Enumeration
A set of flags used to indicate which fields Gdk.GCValues structure are set.


public enum GCValuesMask




Member NameDescription
ForegroundThe GCValues.Foreground is set.
BackgroundThe GCValues.Background is set.
FontThe GCValues.font is set.
FunctionThe GCValues.Function is set.
FillThe GCValues.Fill is set.
TileThe GCValues.tile is set.
StippleThe GCValues.Stipple is set.
ClipMaskThe GCValues.clip_mask is set.
SubwindowThe GCValues.SubwindowMode is set.
TsXOriginThe GCValues.TsXOrigin is set.
TsYOriginThe GCValues.TsYOrigin is set.
ClipXOriginThe GCValues.ClipXOrigin is set.
ClipYOriginThe GCValues.ClipYOrigin is set.
ExposuresThe GCValues.GraphicsExposures is set.
LineWidthThe GCValues.LineWidth is set.
LineStyleThe GCValues.LineStyle is set.
CapStyleThe GCValues.CapStyle is set.
JoinStyleThe GCValues.JoinStyle is set.


Namespace: Gdk
Assembly: gdk-sharp (in gdk-sharp.dll)
Assembly Versions: