Gdk.EventType Enumeration
Specifies the type of the event.


public enum EventType


Do not confuse these events with the signals that GTK+ widgets emit. Although many of these events result in corresponding signals being emitted, the events are often transformed or filtered along the way.


Member NameDescription
NothingA special code to indicate a null event.
DeleteThe window manager has requested that the toplevel window be hidden or destroyed, usually when the user clicks on a special icon in the title bar.
DestroyThe window has been destroyed.
ExposeAll or part of the window has become visible and needs to be redrawn.
MotionNotifyThe pointer (usually a mouse) has moved.
ButtonPressA mouse button has been pressed.
TwoButtonPressA mouse button has been double-clicked (clicked twice within a short period of time). Note that each click also generates a ButtonPress event.
ThreeButtonPressA mouse button has been clicked 3 times in a short period of time. Note that each click also generates a ButtonPress event.
ButtonReleaseA mouse button has been released.
KeyPressA key has been pressed.
KeyReleaseA key has been released.
EnterNotifyThe pointer has entered the window.
LeaveNotifyThe pointer has left the window.
FocusChangeThe keyboard focus has entered or left the window.
ConfigureThe size, position or stacking order of the window has changed. Note that GTK+ discards these events for Gdk.WindowType.Child windows.
MapThe window has been mapped.
UnmapThe window has been unmapped.
PropertyNotifyA property on the window has been changed or deleted.
SelectionClearThe application has lost ownership of a selection.
SelectionRequestAnother application has requested a selection.
SelectionNotifyA selection has been received.
ProximityInAn input device has moved into contact with a sensing surface (e.g. a touchscreen or graphics tablet).
ProximityOutAn input device has moved out of contact with a sensing surface.
DragEnterThe mouse has entered the window while a drag is in progress.
DragLeaveThe mouse has left the window while a drag is in progress.
DragMotionThe mouse has moved in the window while a drag is in progress.
DragStatusThe status of the drag operation initiated by the window has changed.
DropStartA drop operation onto the window has started.
DropFinishedThe drop operation initiated by the window has completed.
ClientEventA message has been received from another application.
VisibilityNotifyThe window visibility status has changed.
NoExposeIndicates that the source region was completely available when parts of a drawable were copied. This is not very useful.
ScrollThe scroll wheel was turned.
WindowStateThe state of a window has changed. See Gdk.WindowState for the possible window states
SettingA setting has been modified.
OwnerChangeThe owner of the selection has changed.
GrabBrokenA pointer or keyboard grab was broken.


Namespace: Gdk
Assembly: gdk-sharp (in gdk-sharp.dll)
Assembly Versions: