Gdk.EventMask Enumeration
A set of bit-flags to indicate which events a window is to receive. Most of these masks map onto one or more of the Gdk.EventType event types above.


public enum EventMask


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Member NameDescription
ExposureMaskReceive expose events.
PointerMotionMaskReceive all pointer motion events.
PointerMotionHintMaskSpecial mask which is used to reduce the number of Gdk.EventMask.MotionNotify events received
ButtonMotionMaskReceive pointer motion events while any button is pressed.
Button1MotionMaskReceive pointer motion events while 1 button is pressed.
Button2MotionMaskReceive pointer motion events while 2 button is pressed.
Button3MotionMaskReceive pointer motion events while 3 button is pressed.
ButtonPressMaskReceive button press events.
ButtonReleaseMaskReceive button release events.
KeyPressMaskReceive key press events.
KeyReleaseMaskReceive key release events.
EnterNotifyMaskReceive window enter events.
LeaveNotifyMaskReceive window leave events.
FocusChangeMaskReceive focus change events.
StructureMaskReceive events about window configuration change.
PropertyChangeMaskReceive property change events.
VisibilityNotifyMaskReceive visibility change events.
ProximityInMaskReceive proximity in events.
ProximityOutMaskReceive proximity out events.
SubstructureMaskReceive events about window configuration changes of child windows.
ScrollMaskReceive scroll events.
AllEventsMaskThe combination of all the above event masks.


Namespace: Gdk
Assembly: gdk-sharp (in gdk-sharp.dll)
Assembly Versions: