GLib.Timeout Class
Allows the installation of Timeout Handlers on the GLib main loop. It's in a way very similar to a System.Windows.Forms.Timer class. You can use timeouts to invoke routines at specified intervals of time. The diferance between GLib.Timeout and System.Windows.Forms.Timer is that Timeouts are always invoked on the thread that owns the Gtk mainloop

See Also: Timeout Members


public class Timeout


Use the Timeout.Add method to install timeout handlers into the mainloop.

C# Example

	void StartClock () 
		GLib.Timeout.Add(1000, new GLib.TimeoutHandler(update_status));

	bool update_status ()
		time_label.Text=DateTime.Now.ToString ();
		//returning true means that the timeout routine should be invoked
		//again after the timeout period expires.  Returning false would 
		//terminate the timeout.
		return true;


Namespace: GLib
Assembly: glib-sharp (in glib-sharp.dll)
Assembly Versions: