GLib.SpawnError Enumeration
SpawnError enumeration.


public enum SpawnError


Error codes returned by process spawing methods.


Member NameDescription
Accesexecv() returned EACCESS.
ChdirChanging to working directory failed.
FailedSome other failure. Error message output will have additional info.
ForkFork failed due to lack of memory.
Invalexecv() returned EINVAL.
IOexecv() returned EIO.
IsDirexecv() returned EISDIR.
LibBadexecv() returned ELIBBAD.
Loopexecv() returned ELOOP.
MFileexecv() returned EMFILE.
NameTooLongexecv() returned ENAMETOOLONG.
NFileexecv() returned ENFILE.
NoEntexecv() returned ENOENT.
NoExecexecv() returned ENOEXEC.
NoMemexecv() returned ENOMEM.
NotDirexecv() returned ENOTDIR.
Permexecv() returned EPERM.
ReadRead or select on pipe failed.
TooBigexecv() returned ETOOBIG.
TxtBusyexecv() returned ETXTBUSY.


Namespace: GLib
Assembly: glib-sharp (in glib-sharp.dll)
Assembly Versions: