GLib.List Class
A list class used by Gtk

See Also: List Members


public class List : ListBase


GLib.List is managed wrapper for the underlying C list implementation used by Gtk+. Various functions on the Gtk+ API take lists or return lists in this form.

The list deals with IntPtr objects, these are pointers into unmanaged resources.

For example to create a list of widgets, you would use the following sample:

c# Example

	  GLib.List MakeList (Gtk.Widget a, Gtk.Widget b)
	  	GLib.List l = new GLib.List ((IntPtr) 0, typeof (Gtk.Widget));
		l.Append (a.Handle);
		l.Append (b.Handle);

The Type argument to the GLib.List constructor, allows the list enumerator code to return properly wrapped or demarshalled objects from the unmanaged world into the managed world.


Namespace: GLib
Assembly: glib-sharp (in glib-sharp.dll)
Assembly Versions: